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Official Card Pong Rules

Card Pong is beer pong with cards. If you’ve played beer pong and war, you will understand the flow of the game.


Card Pong game setup on a ping pong table

Game Setup

Cup cards = Red cups  Action cards = Shooting cards (maybe use image of cartoon cards)


For 1v1 or 2v2 game

  • Shuffle the cup and action cards separately.

  • Deal the action cards to each player. If 2v2 or teams, deal to every player. Keep your cards face down in a pile.

  • Set up the cup cards in a triangle of 6 or 10 cup cards.

  • All of the remaining cup cards can be set aside, you don’t need them.

  • Oh yeah, you’ll also need a coin. Any coin shaped item will work.

  • One more thing. ALWAYS OBEY THE CARDS.

  • You are now ready to drink play!

The Basics

Card Pong cartoon game setup

The shooter & defender play an action card. 1 card = 1 shot taken.

Card Pong cartoon of people playing the game

The action card values determine whether or not the shot is made. Remember to obey the card if it has instructions.

Tie cards rule where both players have to take a drink

If the shooter's card is higher, the shot is made and a defender's cup is flipped. If it is lower, nothing happens. If the cards tie, both players drink.

How to play (Full Rules)


There is always a shooter and defender.


Be the last player/team with unflipped cups.

Who goes first 

Teams flip an action card, the higher card goes first. Give them the "turn" card.

Each team gets 2 shots per turn. If game is 2v2, alternate teammate shots.

Use the green turn card to keep track of who is shooting.

How to shoot

Both teams draw an action card. If,

    • Shooter’s card is higher = Shot is made. Choose a cup card to flip (don’t remove the card).
    • Shooter’s card is lower = Missed shot
    • Tie cards = Both players drink! 

If an action card tells you to do something, always obey. 

Why do we need a coin?

Each team gets 2 physical shots per game. These represent bounce shots. Grab that coin and try an get the majority of it on a cup card. If you make your shot, flip 2 cards. If you make a cup that was already made, it counts as 1 drink against the other team. 

*Flip/Toss Rule: If your cups are setup within 2 feet of each other, you must flip the coin. If further, you can toss the coin.

On Fire Rule - 3 made shots in a row & you are on fire. Shoot until you miss.

Re-rack cards - These are strategy cards. If you flip a re-rack card, you will rearrange your team’s cups. If cups are re-racked, any “Flip card back over” cards are reset.

BONUS RULE (optional) - Explosion! (both shots in the same cup) - You must make the first shot to call same cup. Must win both shots by a combined total of 3 or more. If you flip a shooter drink cup, the explosion saves you from drinking.

3+ Team Game - Card Pong can be played with more than 2 teams. There are only a few adjustments to the normal rules:

  • All teams will draw each turn
  • The shooter is playing against everyone else each shot. They can make all, some or no cups each shot. 
  • Only ties against the current shooter activate the tie rule.
  • Coin Rules
    In person – A coin flip toss can only be played against 1 team at a time. (normal flips)
    Via video – A coin flip can only be played against 1 team at a time. Flip a coin, if heads, 1 cup made, if tails flip one of your own cups. You can also forego the coin rule for video games.
  • No "On fire" or "explosion" rules