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The game that was born from beer pong. We took beer pong and combined it with war, added fun drinking game rules to create Card Pong. Easy to play and fun drinking penalties, will keep you and your friends laughing all night.

A Classic Drinking Game Transformed

Who it's for

We developed Card Pong for everyone. We made this for the beer pongers who don't have supplies, for those who don't have space, for those who aren't very good, for those that don't particularly like beer pong and for those who just want to have fun. This is for you.

Why its awesome

Card Pong was designed with 2 main things in mind; be as close to the physical game as possible and make it fun for everyone playing regardless of your skill of the game. We included a bunch of the classic beer pong house rules as bonuses and added a few taken from other classic drinking games to add to the fun.

Why we made it

We created Card Pong because we don't always have the space, the supplies, the energy to set up and play a full on beer pong game. We also created Card Pong for all of the people with friends that won't play beer pong, but will play a simple and familiar drinking card game.

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The Basics

Card Pong cartoon game setup

The shooter & defender play an action card. 1 card = 1 shot taken.

Card Pong cartoon of people playing the game

The action card values determine whether or not the shot is made. Remember to obey the card if it has instructions.

Tie cards rule where both players have to take a drink

If the shooter's card is higher, the shot is made and a defender's cup is flipped. If it is lower, nothing happens. If the cards tie, both players drink.


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